Tips On Purchasing Curtain Rods

If you're going to change a place of living or just want to redecorate your interior you'll need new curtain rods. A really correctly chosen curtain rod is able to bring your room to life again. In fact, there's a wide variety of curtain rods available in the market nowadays. You'll find decorative rods, standard rods, magnetic rods, traverse rods, spring-loaded rods, adjustable rods, as well as double and triple rods produced from chrome, brass, ivory, mahogany, graphite, teak, plastic, walnut, metal. Color and size require much consideration as well.

You're probably confused with numerous options available for decorating your room, but which curtain rods are really the most suitable for your interior? In order to solve this problem, you'll need to make a plan at first, source

Think whether you need your curtain rod exposed or hidden by the curtains. If the rod is exposed it should match with the room's decor, so you'll need to pay attention to your interior. Decide what style your room has.

The next step for you is to decide what kind of curtain you plan to hang - whether it will be light and billowy, heavy and light or anything else. In fact, the weight of the coverings plays an important role in choosing the right curtain rods. If you want to have layered curtains you'll probably need double or triple rods.

Further decide how you'll hang the rods - inside or outside the window frame. If outside the frame you'll need to hang the rods on the wall in order to cover the window. So, measure 2-5" out from each side of the window trim and the total curtain rod length will be approximately 12" longer than your window width. Attentively measure each window as they may differ in size. And if you want to hang curtain rods inside the window frame (spring or magnetic rods) you'll need to measure at the inside point of the window. It will be easier than it seems now, so don't be scared now! Besides, in the process you'll see what rods will really match your d?cor.

So, the next stage in your business is shopping. Nowadays, there're many pre-packaged curtain rod sets including all the parts you'll need. This will save you time and money. On the other hand, you can personally choose all parts for curtain rods. Online stores will help you to customize your curtain rods. You'll need to mix and match rods, pinch clips, finials, brackets, tiebacks, rings, holdbacks.

The finial attaches to the end of the rod, they are available in many sizes, styles and colors. Rings and pinch clips slide on the curtain rod and fix to the curtains. Brackets hold decorative rods on the wall, they also come in different styles, colors and materials. Holdbacks and tiebacks scoop up your curtains and hold them at the sides of the window. Holdbacks are fixed to the wall while tiebacks are usually lengths of cording.

Now it's your turn to make your plan in order to make the room you're dreaming of. Beautiful curtain rods will help you to do it!